COVID-19 Hackathon

Posted on March 26, 2020

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COVID-19 is a Global Crisis that Demands New Thinking, New Players, and New Solutions. 

Our goal is to: 

Data is the medicine we need.

Design, Create and Access a Federated Learning Platform Specific to COVID-19

Hackathon Kickoff

Lifechanging solutions originating on:

April 14th, 2020

Stay tuned for details.


Visionaries and leaders from across the healthcare, technology, and blockchain spaces are coming togethere to help stop COVID-19.
See who will be teaming up below:

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In a moment of crisis, we are all faced with hard choices. Every one of us feels the daily, growing impact of COVID-19, and how we choose to act and what we choose to protect will define us moving forward.  

The current pandemic presents us with a real, existential crisis. Millions will die if we don’t get it right. Unlike pandemics of the past, today we have new ways to save those lives. 


For those who choose to help solve problems, join us to use the best available technology to advance our understanding and build solutions to end this pandemic.  We are looking for technology solutions that will help collect, standardize, verify, utilize and optimize the data so that scientists can understand and stop C-19.

Data is the medicine we need. The internet and especially Web3.0 technologies, promise to unleash and contextualize data as never before, providing better understanding, and disseminating life-saving knowledge.


For those who choose to help, the time is now.

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