Ali Loveys, MD, FAAP, FHIMSS, ABP-CI, named ConsenSys Health Chief Privacy Officer, Foundation Relations and North America Market Leader (Acting)

Posted on July 7, 2020

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New York, NY, July 7, 2020 – ConsenSys Health announced today that Ali Loveys, MD, FAAP, FHIMSS, ABP-CI will join ConsenSys Health as its Chief Privacy Officer, Foundation Relations and North America Market Leader (Acting).  Dr. Loveys is board-certified in clinical informatics, a recognized medical subspecialty at the confluence of clinical, information technology, policy and regulation. In her new role, Dr. Loveys will provide healthcare and life sciences public and private sector organizations the necessary tools to effectuate accessible, equitable and economically sustainable healthcare delivery systems in the United States and Canada.

“Dr. Loveys is unique in her expertise. She has continuously combined medicine and emerging information technology expertise in a career spanning 30 years,” said Heather Flannery, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ConsenSys Health.  “She understands that people advance technology when it is aligned with what they value, so she leads from a place of value creation.”   Dr. Loveys’ career also focused on the most vulnerable: children, the elderly, and the economically disadvantaged.  Flannery continued, “We need to ensure the benefits of emerging technology are accessible by all populations, and our work reduces, and ultimately removes, the ‘digital divide’ and related crushing disparities. She is a great fit for ConsenSys Health’s vision of respectfully elevating care for the most vulnerable while creating value across large ecosystems in healthcare.”

Regarding her upcoming role with ConsenSys Health, Dr. Loveys expressed, “I feel extremely fortunate to join the other members of the ConsenSys Health team who bring their own experience and perspectives to stretch our collective thinking and enable new business models made possible by converging innovations like blockchain, tokenization, machine learning, and zero-knowledge cryptography for the greatest good.  I’m also honored to lead ConsenSys Health’s engagement with the important stakeholder group of philanthropic foundations — giving back is core to my values and personal mission.”  

Dr. Loveys joins ConsenSys Health from EY, where she had the opportunity to learn from visionary leaders in blockchain and to lead the US healthcare blockchain practice.   Dr. Loveys explained, “My experience with the incredible group of innovators at EY has provided me with unusual depth on the subject of the use of neutral public blockchain infrastructures based on open source software, such as the Ethereum mainnet, and its extension for enterprise messaging via Baseline protocol — an ongoing effort undertaken by EY, ConsenSys AG, and other collaborators.”

Dr. Loveys completed her medical training at the University of Rochester including her medical degree in 1990 and her subsequent pediatric residency for which she was Chief Resident.  Dr. Loveys was part of the inaugural class of Board Certification for Clinical Informatics in 2014.  She was awarded the Spirit of HIMSS award for her work in the New Orleans area during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  

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